Laminar Air Flow

The most important part of the operating room, the central sterile area, is the area where the operating table and scrubbing table are located, and the tissue being operated on is unprotected, and the entry of even one microorganism can cause infectioJn. Because of this, it is very important to control the air in this area, which was almost impossible in the point box filter method.

For this reason, the use of laminar Airflow system is recommended in the standard book of Safe Hospital. The presence of laminar Airflow can prevent air turbulence and fresh and particle-free air can fall on the operating table slowly and at a suitable speed (0.23 to 0.25 m / s) mentioned in the standard book of Safe Hospital.


Type LAF Dimension LXWXH (mm) LAF Surface cm2 Required CFM to achive the velocity Moduls Qty-
at 0.15 m/s or 30 fpm at 0.20 m/s or 40 fpm at 0.23 m/s or 45 fpm
Type Bed 1800x900x500 16,200 497 663 745 2
Type A 1800x1800x500 32,400 1,037 1,383 1,555 4
Type B 1800x2400x500 43,200 1,320 1,760 1,980 4
Type C 2400x2400x500 57,600 1,800 2,400 2,700 4
Type D 2400x3000x500 72,000 2,280 3,040 3,420 4
Type E 3000x3000x500 90,000 2,880 3,840 4,320 4

C1TECH Laminar Air Flow Benefits

Inlet air filter to the operating room with 99.95% efficiency

According to the standard of the Safe Hospital of the Ministry of Health, Volume 8, the standard and particle-free air speed in the surgical field is 0.23 to 0.25 meters per second, and this speed can only be achieved by using the laminar Airflow system.

laminar airflow system is equipped with DPS alarm to give an alarm when the filter is full.

Due to the gentle rain and the passage of air through a silk layer, air turbulence does not occur.

The presence of an laminar airflow device and a filter in the last stage of aeration of the operating room prevents the transmission of bacteria and microorganisms in the galvanized ducts.

Due to the selection of the laminar Airflow machine, the sterile area of the operating room (surgical bed area and swimsuit tables) is located in the sterile air area and will be free from air pollution.

Hepa Filter Installation Location

In the filter box method, HEPA filter is installed in the air conditioner and this provides an environment for bacteria to grow in the air conditioner due to the appropriate temperature and humidity, but in the laminar Airflow system, the HEPA filter is at the last point of the aeration system and in the operating room ceiling. This prevents the transfer of bacteria from the aeration pathway to surgical sets and tissue under surgery that is unprotected and open.

Laminar Air Flow (Recirculation Type)

In order to save energy carriers as well as improve air quality and control the amount of particles in the air, recirculation type of laminar airflow are used.

This equipment improves air quality and reduces the amount of suspended particles from the class of 10,000 particles per square meter to 1000 particles. Also, by returning the air to 50% and passing through the two filter F1 and H14, the rate of air change in the operating room has doubled, and by achieving a higher rate of air change, it is possible to reduce airborne infections to 98%. This equipment includes plug fan systems, inverter, power panel, control panel and a 10-inch HMI.

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