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C1TECH Modular Wall System Benefits

In single-walled walls, the value is equal to 0.3 mm of natural lead, and in double-walled walls, the value is equal to 0.6 mm of natural lead.

It is resistant up to 44 db in single wall mode and up to 56 db in double wall mode.

Up to 60 minutes in single-wall mode and up to 90 minutes in double-wall mode

Create a beautiful and eye-catching environment compared to traditional materials

Ability to open and close the panels in less than 15 minutes

Ability to add built-in equipment without the need for construction operations and closing the operating room

Resistance to vibrations and earthquakes up to 8 Richter and no cracks such as tiles and other traditional materials

No damage to nature and recyclable panels

No need to use hospital disinfectants

Ability to open the panel and access the facilities behind the panel if needed

Less accumulation of microorganisms due to the smooth and hygienic surface of the modular system

Reduce operating room infections due to the use of antibacterial dye


Possibility of bearing weight up to 200 kg per square meter

Metal surfaces with white oven color and easy and fast cleaning

No sound transmission up to 45 decibels

Grade B2

completely airtight


Inlet air filter to the operating room with 99.95% efficiency

According to the standard of the Safe Hospital of the Ministry of Health, Volume 8, the standard and particle-free air speed in the surgical field is 0.23 to 0.25 meters per second, and this speed can only be achieved by using the laminar Airflow system.

laminar airflow system is equipped with DPS alarm to give an alarm when the filter is full.

Due to the gentle rain and the passage of air through a silk layer, air turbulence does not occur.

The presence of an laminar airflow device and a filter in the last stage of aeration of the operating room prevents the transmission of bacteria and microorganisms in the galvanized ducts.

Due to the selection of the laminar Airflow machine, the sterile area of the operating room (surgical bed area and swimsuit tables) is located in the sterile air area and will be free from air pollution.


  • Control of the operating room lighting system includes control of prismatic light circuits as well as the ability to dim the lighting system in the presence of dimmable lights, to reduce room light during laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries that require full vision on the monitor.
  • Control the Negatroscope and decrease or increase its brightness
  • Operating room sialit control
  • UV lamp brightness control
  • Operating room three-way door headlight control

Operating room temperature and humidity control and control on air conditioners and heating and cooling coils.

Display leakage current alarms and insulated panel alarms

Display alarms for medical gases including oxygen, vacuum, compressed air and nitrogen dioxide, as well as filter replacement alarms for laminar Airflow machine.

Set and display the time and date in the operating room, anesthesia and surgery stopwatches, and tourniquet stopwatches

Audio intercom and video intercom capability on IP

Ability to play soothing music in the operating room from a folder in the nursing station

C1TECH PACS Monitoring Benefits

  • Instant access to all patient information and images in all imaging departments
  • Ability to upload images and videos of the patient’s surgery in the operating room
  • Reduce medical costs in printing and film and image materials
  • Reducing the cost of manpower in moving radiology images, CT, MRI and …
  • Prevent delays in diagnosis and surgery of the patient
  • Accelerate instantaneous and forceful decisions during the patient’s surgery

C1TECH HIS Monitoring Benefits

  • Effective use of patient resources and information during surgery and quick and easy access to the patient’s medical record
  • Quick access to the patient’s medical history
  • Ability to instantly and online transfer information, drugs and medical supplies consumed by the patient in the operating room
  • Ability to quickly receive the results of tests and pathology samples of the patient during surgery
  • Significantly reduce clerical work and thus create more free time for the surgical team
  • Better control over clinical documents
  • Display a HIS system and two-way communication of a client in this central server software
  • Ability to connect to video routing device and transfer audio and video
  • Ability to connect to video conferencing and video streaming systems

Scrub Sink

  • Scrub Sink with 1,2 or 3 wash basins

Catgut Cabinets

Built-in cabinets, made of 304 steel

Steel Doors

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding or sliding doors
  • Inflatable doors
  • Telescopic doors

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