Requirement of the Ministry of Health regarding the antibacterial level of special treatment spaces

Antibacterial wall surfaces in most operating room spaces are considered a requirement by the Ministry of Health, due to the high mortality rate in the country due to nosocomial infections (50,000 per year or 136 per day). Most infections occur in the operating room.

Some of the treatment spaces in which the antibacterial properties of the walls are mentioned as a requirement in the standard of the Ministry of Health:

  • Large operating room
  • Small operating room
  • Scrub room
  • Under sterile
  • Sterile warehouse
  • Medical equipment warehouse
  • Anesthesia induction room

Problems using traditional tiles and materials

Among the problems of using different tiles, glazed tiles and even antibacterial, we can name a few:

  1. Antibacterial tiles lose their antibacterial properties over time.
  2. Impossibility to access the facilities used in the operating room space without construction operations (closure of operating rooms is necessary in case of construction operations)
  3. Production of dust and suspended particles in case of operating room repairs
  4. Impossibility to install built-in items after tile installation. (Occurrence of horizontal soil surface in case of surface installation of equipment)
  5. There are many horizontal and vertical seams that are generally where bacteria accumulate.
  6. Difficult and time consuming to make changes and repairs of operating room infrastructure equipment
  7. The inevitable use of building materials such as plaster and cement that are not reversible to the cycle of nature.
  8. The heavy weight of traditional walls as well as the difficulty of execution and time consuming construction.
  9. Low durability and durability of tiles (less than 15 years)
  10. Cracks in earthquakes and building vibrations
  11. Probability or lack of tiles with the same design, over time

تفاوت را مشاهده کنید !

Modular And Antibacterial Panels

Traditional walls have long been used in operating rooms. These walls have met the needs of their time, but with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the need for new operating rooms using modular walls is strongly felt. New products such as steel with antibacterial coating have been used for many years in developed countries due to the problems in using tiles as a coating for operating room walls and sanitary spaces. The modular system in Europe is more than forty years old and since 2015 in the GCC countries including the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia, as well as Iraq and Turkey, the use of tiles of any size in all spaces. Operating room is prohibited. In Iran, since 2014, after compiling the standard books of Safe Hospital in the Ministry of Health, pages 323 and 324 of modular materials, made of steel panels with antibacterial paint, have been considered as the best wall joinery material in the operating room. In another part of the eighth volume of the standard, the antibacterial properties of many operating room spaces such as operating room, sub-sterile, scrub, anesthesia induction room, equipment storage and … have been made mandatory. The use of modular walls (whether made of glass or steel) in the operating room has many advantages over traditional operating rooms.

C1TECH Modular Wall System Benefits

In single-walled walls, the value is equal to 0.3 mm of natural lead, and in double-walled walls, the value is equal to 0.6 mm of natural lead.

It is resistant up to 44 db in single wall mode and up to 56 db in double wall mode.

Up to 60 minutes in single-wall mode and up to 90 minutes in double-wall mode

Create a beautiful and eye-catching environment compared to traditional materials

Ability to open and close the panels in less than 15 minutes

Ability to add built-in equipment without the need for construction operations and closing the operating room

Resistance to vibrations and earthquakes up to 8 Richter and no cracks such as tiles and other traditional materials

No damage to nature and recyclable panels

No need to use hospital disinfectants

Ability to open the panel and access the facilities behind the panel if needed

Less accumulation of microorganisms due to the smooth and hygienic surface of the modular system

Reduce operating room infections due to the use of antibacterial dye

Modular Panels For All Hospital Environments

  • surgery room
  • Sterile sub
  • Scrub
  • recovery
  • ICU
  • CCU
  • ward
  • Emergency
  • Warehouse Equipment
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