PACS Monitoring

PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is a network or electronic system for archiving and exchanging medical images. In fact, it can be said that it is a system for transmitting and storing medical images that transmits medical images through digital networks through high-speed networks and replaces them with the usual system. Radiology films are stored in digital format. The system also helps physicians make faster and more accurate diagnoses for their patients using a variety of software features.

C1TECH PACS Monitoring Benefits

  • Instant access to all patient information and images in all imaging departments
  • Ability to upload images and videos of the patient’s surgery in the operating room
  • Reduce medical costs in printing and film and image materials
  • Reducing the cost of manpower in moving radiology images, CT, MRI and …
  • Prevent delays in diagnosis and surgery of the patient
  • Accelerate instantaneous and forceful decisions during the patient’s surgery

HIS Monitoring

Hospital Information System (HIS) in accordance with the basic needs of medium and large hospitals for scheduling, patient profile registration, insurance information registration, patient electronic file, electronic nursing card, all mechanized process of outpatients, all diagnostic and clinical subsystems in the hospital is provided.

C1TECH HIS Monitoring Benefits

  • Effective use of patient resources and information during surgery and quick and easy access to the patient’s medical record
  • Quick access to the patient’s medical history
  • Ability to instantly and online transfer information, drugs and medical supplies consumed by the patient in the operating room
  • Ability to quickly receive the results of tests and pathology samples of the patient during surgery
  • Significantly reduce clerical work and thus create more free time for the surgical team
  • Better control over clinical documents
  • Display a HIS system and two-way communication of a client in this central server software
  • Ability to connect to video routing device and transfer audio and video
  • Ability to connect to video conferencing and video streaming systems
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