Construction of all operating rooms and angiography, the highest medical project in the world. Modular and antibacterial walls, PACS & HIS monitoring system, operating room control panel, normal and recirculation laminar airflow

    c1-Tech Group Mega Activities

    Construction of more than 4700 square meters using modular and antibacterial walls,PACS & HIS monitoring system,

    c1-Tech Group Mega Activities

Over 75 Healthcare and clean room Projects

Success depends on getting the details right

Hospital and Clean Room Equipment

Modular Wall System

Modular Ceiling System

Laminar Air Flow

OR Wall Control Panel

Clean Room equipment

High & Catgut Cabinet

Pacs & His

Stainless Steel Door

ABOUT C1 Tech Group

C1 TECH, consisting of several production halls with an area of ​​4700 square meters of industrial production space and R&D, is engaged in the construction of clean rooms, operating rooms and special treatment spaces.

This complex was established in 2015 with the aim of improving the quality of treatment and surgery and the productivity of medical centers with the help of modern manufacturing methods with modular systems in Mashhad.

The engineers and experts of this industrial group, a team of experts, experienced and with related university education, following the example of prominent European companies, are engaged in the serious matter of constructing and producing special treatment spaces and clean rooms.

modular technology, nanotechnology and design and engineering fields. This will ensure the company’s future position as the first modular manufacturer of nanotechnology in Iran.

C1 TECH activities started in 2015 with the implementation of strategic plans and long-term approaches to innovative ideas.

The idea of ​​modular technology has revolutionized the hospital construction industry. We are proud of our scientific and professional skills, but we are well aware of the importance of strengthening our ability to pursue new strategies that meet the growing needs of medical centers and play a valuable role in community health as well as controlling nosocomial infections.

Creating a Better Space to Heal

Acoustic Modular Solutions for Spaces Where Health and Well-Being Matter Most


  • Maximum control of nosocomial infections
  • Accelerate access to infrastructure facilities for special medical spaces
  • No need to disinfect surfaces in the treatment space


In an age of technological change, our goal is to develop operating rooms that are up-to-date and usable in the future. The modular system design allows for maximum personalization and the ability to replace or add new equipment.


  • Observance of technical and engineering principles and use of modular technology and construction of medical spaces
  • Observance of instructions and design standards of safe hospital of the Ministry of Health
  • Improving the method of construction and operation of medical spaces in times of crisis


• Design of buildings, electrical, mechanical
• Construction, production and execution of buildings, electrical and mechanical systems along with testing and delivery, installation and commissioning.

C1 TECH Group, with the cooperation of experienced experts in the fields of design, consulting, construction and implementation of special treatment spaces, has been able to complete Turn-Key solutions across the country.

Products and construction solutions in C1 TECH group are modular and it is possible to make changes and access infrastructure facilities at any time.


“We always have an attitude of gratitude”

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