Modular Ceiling System

Modular ceiling system with a width of one meter and the desired length of the treatment space are produced and in addition to sealing and aeration, in the roof allows the movement of personnel and installation technicians.

This type of panels, except in the place of openings such as lights and vents, does not require connection and support from the roof of the structure and gives the maximum possible space for the passage of facilities and access and traffic to technical technicians.

C1TECH Modular Ceiling System Benefits

Possibility of bearing weight up to 200 kg per square meter

Metal surfaces with white oven color and easy and fast cleaning

No sound transmission up to 45 decibels

Grade B2

completely airtight

Ability to move on the modular roof

Due to the many facilities in the operating rooms, it is very important to take care of the equipment in these spaces and how to quickly and easily access the roof. The company’s modular roofs, with the ability to withstand a weight of 200 kg of live load on the roof, allow the presence of a technician on the roof so that there is no need to close the operating room to access the facilities inside the roof and repair them.

Sealing And Airtight The Modular Roof

Width of one meter and length commensurate with the dimensions of the operating room Modular ceiling panels have a worthy contribution to a level and uniformity of the operating room space. These panels are produced in the form of tabs and are placed inside each other, creating complete insulation on the ceiling of the operating room. Silicone sealant is used between the panels for further safety.

Sound Insulation

Research has shown that quieter treatment environments accelerate faster recovery and greater patient satisfaction.

Due to the effect of silence on accelerating the recovery of patients, modular ceiling panels up to 45 dB prevent sound transmission.

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